Funding Your Golf

Creating Financial Longevity

At ENAHGY Golf, we believe there is a better way to fund your golf career. That’s why with the help of our partners we provide the opportunity, education, and ongoing support required to fund a golfers' career by providing genuine and sustainable value to their networks.



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Willu Life

Exclusive Associate of Vitality UK

Award-winning Health/Life Insurance 


Rewarding healthy living


No call centres


Career Ending Insurance

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Level 7 Academy

Through a special combination of football and education, young ballers at Level 7 Academy are given an opportunity to develop not just as players, but as people too. 

Similar to our golfers we work with young footballers at Level 7 Acaedemy to help create longevity in their sport and create secure exit routes when transitioning out of the game.

Heres Just Some Of The Golfers That Have Made The Most of The Partners Program