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“I’m too shy to create content” - How to overcome the fear

How to overcome the fear of content creation

Simply put. It’s not as hard as you think - don’t over complicate it.

It’s easy to avoid posting, but nothing good ever comes easy. Instead, look to create. Not only does it build your personal brand, it creates more awareness; Increases your earnings potential; and separates you from the norm - making you more recognisable and noticeable.

To help you achieve this, here are 6 tips to overcome your fear of content creation:

Before listing your tips below, add one last sentence that sums up your paragraph or offers a smooth transition to your listicle.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel - create on what you know

If you’re a pro golfer, or elite amateur, then the tips you class as “basic” or “obvious” are likely to be unknown, unique, or incredibly valuable to others - even if they seem common place to you.

Look at tricks you’ve learned over the years which drastically improved your game and made you a better player - then share them!

If you have specific experiences that made significant impact on your progression share those too!

Still struggling for ideas? Check out our 10 FREE content ideas for golfers here (← Link)

Create for 1 person only

Your aim isn’t to receive feedback from the entire world. Your aim should be to help one person improve themselves.

Adopting this micro-success mindset is the key to creating in a sustainable manner and protecting your mental well-being. If you worry about creating for everyone, you stress about everyone. Instead, focusing on creating for one person, and caring about creating for one person, means you only ever stress about that one individual.

What you’ll find is that many people actually fit the criteria of this “1 person.” See, people are often more similar than you realise. So, if you’re creating for that rapidly improving friend at your club, chances are others who are rapidly improving will still resonate deeply with your content - even if you have no idea who they are.

“I’m scared of what my friends will say when I create and post content. What if they laugh?”

Don’t be scared of what people think of you

Let’s squash that thought right now.

If you’re an ENAHGY host with members in your community, you literally have a collection of people who are paying for your knowledge and expertise. So, no. They aren’t going to laugh at you because your content is not only earning you money, but it’s also clearly good enough that others are willing to pay you for it.

If your friends think that’s something to laugh about then they’re probably broke. Just saying.

Adopt a mindset of, I’m doing what I’m doing because it helps me achieve a bigger goal - for many of you, that’s funding a career in a job you love. No amount of laughs can take that away from you.

Keep it simple

Don’t worry about overcomplicating your content. Not everyone needs ultra scientific explanations or professional grade advice.

Many people are simply interested in your morning routine; or how you prepare for big tournaments. They don’t need to know the scientific reasoning behind your workout routine or diet - some may do however!

Adopt this rule: Does it make sense to a 9 year old?

If not, you’ve overcomplicated it.

Understand your value

Even though it may not feel like it, your knowledge and skills are highly valuable.

Your experiences; Your tricks; Your personal recommendations; Your personal preferences - all of these hold value to everyone aside from you. What seems normal to you is unique and valuable to others.

The content you create should be derived from knowledge you already have and experiences you’ve already had. If the lessons you give have been proven in the real world then you know it’s both true and valuable to others.


Content creation can seem daunting at first but when you break it down into the steps below it becomes significantly more simple and plausible.

Don’t overcomplicate the content creation process. Keep it simple and stay true to what you know. Choose a format that’s comfortable for you and just start creating.

You’d be surprised at how valuable your existing knowledge is.

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